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You will learn it, play it, and LOVE it!

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Imagining, a silver Half Dollar at your fingers, without any cover, any movement, suddenly, it change into an English Penny. From spectator’s view, no movement at all when the change happen. Both side of coin can immediately display after the change happens. Watch the video to see how amazing this looks!

You can also use N3 in many other coin routines as well…

“N3 is much easier way to perform my Hellbound Remix. Great job by N2G”
- Eric Jones

“Excellent precision craftsmanship, it is a dream pro”
- Gao Zhao

“The change is so natural, the cleanest color change of coin effect in the world”
- Tom Yu

In the video demo when the coin changes from Half Dollar to the Penny, there is no video edit, no cut to mislead. What you see is what you get.

N2G MAGIC has highest standards of choosing the N3 materials. An expertly machined and exquisitely handmade gimmick combine with unique handling technique, N3 can immediately amaze.

Without a doubt N3 is one of the best ways to make a CLEAN, INSTANT, VISUAL  change of a coin you have ever performed. The demo video  speaks for itself.


  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Instant reset
  • Easy to do
  • No shell used
  • Any time and any place to perform
  • Be able to start and finish with empty hands with proper handling
  • Gimmick made to last life time

The instructional video will guide you through the handling to achieve this incredible effect. You are not required to have much coin magic knowledge or experience.

The usage of N3 is only limited by your imagination and creativity.
Can use it in the street, on TV and many other situation/effect.
Use it to amaze your audience or your friends.

It is a perfect coin effect for any professional and amateur.

You will learn it, play it, and LOVE it!


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