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Trabucco Holdout

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Available ONLY from Elmwood Magic! A powerful new tool for your close up arsenal!

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Released at the prestigious 4F Convention to rave reviews – now the TRABUCCO HOLDOUT can be yours and ONLY from Elmwood Magic.

Victor Trabucco has combined his forty years of magic experience with his desire to create truly magical moments for his audience to produce a device that will take your magic to a whole new level.

The TRABUCCO HOLDOUT is unlike any traditional holdout available. There is no lengthy learning curve in mastering the TRABUCCO HOLDOUT…most magicians will be using it within minutes of setting it up. More importantly, this powerful yet simple tool, works from each hand and uses only the most natural of gestures.

Once mastered, it can be used at any moment. Your audience will be stunned as coins vanish, appear, and change at your fingertips. Your hands can be shown empty before, during, and after each routine and there are no bad angles. But it doesn’t end there…

The TRABUCCO HOLDOUT can be used for a wide variety of effects and items. From the kit you’ll discover the secrets to:

  • A two-coin transposition that is so clean it’s scary
  • A visual nail bend in which the spectator can even keep the nail
  • A matchbook will vanish in a misty haze of smoke
  • A solid nut will join back on to a bolt under the most impossible of conditions
  • And MUCH More

The kit includes: 2 Trabucco Holdouts – one for each side of your body, an instructional DVD in which Victor himself teaches each routine in detail, Victor also covers the complete installation of the holdout as well as how to apply the holdout to everything from silk effects to mentalism, you’ll also receive all of the necessary component parts to begin using your holdout from the minute you’ve installed it.

PLUS – You get free access to the Trabucco Holdout Message Board which features new installation ideas, new routines, a special section to post questions directly to Victor Trabucco, and NEW Video Routines by Vic with FULL Explanations!

Here’s What the Pro’s Are Saying..

“The Trabucco Holdout is a wonderful system, totally practical, and it looks like real magic.” David Roth

“Vic Trabucco is a long time friend so hopefully I won’t sound bias in my opinion when I say that his hold-out is a workers dream come true.  If you don’t take my word for it…ask anyone who attended the most recent New York Coin Seminar as it was the single hit of the seminar!  It is a must have for any magician aspiring to do strolling magic!” Mike Gallo

“I am amazed at the devilish simplicity of Victor Trabucco’s holdout. Quick to install, easy to use, it is a true secret weapon for making coin magic miracles. With this device you can vanish, produce, and change  coins at will, without resorting to lapping, topiting, or sleeving. I am already adapting two of my coin sets for use with the Holdout! Thanks, Vic, for creating such a useful and amazing tool!” Michael Rubenstein

“I love your work, you are a true artist!  Up until now, I think this is the best system and idea I’ve ever seen.”  Giacomo Bertini

“I love the hold out! It is the most devastating utility in my arsenal of weapons used against an audiences. This thing ROCKS! Your hold out it is the best, hands down. Vic nailed me pretty hard with his stuff and it was awesome to get fooled like that.” Reed McClintock

“I was just with Vic and he had on a short sleeved shirt…while DEVASTATING everyone around him! GREAT UTILITY DEVICE!” Justin Miller

“When I put this on I feel like Batman, and I’m ready to Fry some Brain in the Dark of the Night!” Kozak

“This is the holdout system which allows for the most natural movements over all the rest. It fits my performing style better, is great for multiple holdouts, and I use it regularly.” Dan Garrett

“A great idea that can be used with cards, coins and more. A must have for those that want to leave the spectators clueless.” Bill Malone

“It was not until Victor tipped the Trabucco Holdout to me that I realized how badly he had fooled me with it. What a powerful tool.” Tom Gagnon

“Your innovative holdout is ingenious, yet simple. The possibilities for mind blowing magic are endless. Thank you for taking my magic in a new direction.” Harrison Carroll

“The Trabucco Holdout has been a revelation. It’s enabled me to create new routines and make old ones even stronger. Some magicians don’t like to use gimmicks but if you use the Trabucco Holdout you’ll fool the hell out of them.” Jon Allen

“Vic’s coin work is incredible, so slow and natural it seem like real magic. I had no hint that he was using a holdout.” Steve Ehlers

“I have always contended that natural sleight of hand when in concert with an invisible secret aid, renders the impact of an effect to infinite proportions. Vic’s Holdout is the epitome of this most valuable concept.” Roger Klause

“Great Idea . . . very practical for a working professional.? You fooled me not once, but again and again!” Paul Gertner

“It looks like real magic!” Dan Block

“My other holdouts are in a drawer. They’re just too messy to deal with. Vic’s holdout is in my coat all the time. My sleeves are rolled up and yet objects are appearing from nowhere and disappearing without a trace. There are no funny hand twitches or tossing motions. Vic’s holdout won’t end up in your drawer. This is something you will use, and use, and use” Mike Powers

“I kept looking for a traditional holdout. It wasn’t there. You have developed a simple, natural, and elegant solution. Congratulations!” Tim Conover

” I have tried many holdouts. I soon discarded each one for various reasons, until now. The Trabucco Holdout is invisible and always ready to use, its simplicity of design makes it a joy to use. What can I say – it’s just GREAT.” Steve Dobson

“Vic’s ideas and handlings of his Trabucco Holdout have created some wonderfully magical experiences in a very disarming manner.” Herb Zarrow

“I’m sure that this will find its way into your routines and not into your drawer!” Bob Kohler

“No quick movements or body swings and no sleeving. Coins may be vanished and retrieved at will – and the device is portable from one coat to another. It is ingenious…” Paul Cummins

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22 reviews for Trabucco Holdout

  1. 4 out of 5


    Very Useful

    A very useful utility. The DVD is adequate to get started. There will be many more applications developed because of the versatility of this device.

  2. 5 out of 5



    I am French and I met Vic Trabucco in April 2009. His Holdout is so wonderful for coin men. Actually he let you simplify the handling of any trick and it is impossible for your spectators to see at any moment the holdout and the way you take and put. The Holdout enables you to be natural and to perform real magic, even for magicians, even if they owned the Holdout. So in few words it is a real tool for coin men and others magicians.

  3. 5 out of 5



    I’ve had this for a couple months now and I’m really happy to have this power and amazement at hand. Worth every cent and more. Also, you can use this with a vest, jacket, and even many types of short sleeved shirts. During the summer I wear T’s with Hawiian shirts and people often comment on my short sleeves when trying to figure what just happened to their reality!

  4. 4 out of 5



    Great product, easy to install, and simple to use. At first glance, I was a little disappointed….then after watching the DVD I realized the potential this has. Overall, another weapon in the arsenal! If you don’t have one…get one!

  5. 5 out of 5


    An elegant and flexible system!

    An elegant and flexible system that you can do soooo much with. And you will- as you amaze and work Real Magic. The DVD is delightful with Vic demonstrating and performing some of the possible tricks and routines. Good stuff here. I have literally scared people to tears doing a couple of the included illusions.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Comments from an "amateur" magician…

    I consider myself to be a good amateur magician….not phenonemal with sleight of hand effects, but passable. When I first inquired about the Trabucco Holdout, Paul Richards (Elmwood’s owner) actually talked me out of buying one, implying that perhaps I wasn’t ready for one due to my sleight of hand skills as I described them to him. While I appreciated his honesty (as I always have), I decided to buy one anyway, thinking that it might force me to improve on my sleight of hand skills. When I received the product, I watched the dvd which absolutely blew me away! I then easily "installed" the product and was using it within 10 minutes of practice. Even as an amateur magician, I find the Trabucco Holdout to be extremely easy to use. Overall, this item is awesome and will enable anyone, even an amateur like me, to go in many new directions. I won’t leave home without it! This item deserves more than 5 stars!

  7. 5 out of 5


    Do NOT "holdout" your order!

    You’ll be startled when you open this item and see what your hard earned cash has purchased for you! But, you’ll also think you’ve died and gone to heaven when you view the "professional", first-rate quality DVD that’s included and it begins to dawn on you just exactly how powerful this tool is and how indispensible it will become to you. Now, just wait until you’ve installed this incredible gidgy-gadgy and spent some time creating masterpieces of illusion with it for yourself. EVERYTHING is so natural and fluid. The effects can practically be performed in slow motion, and appear even more magical because of it. Very versatile!!! Creating your own special effects is a true delight! It’s true–dynamite DOES come in small packages!

    Resist the temptation to over-use it, or rely entirely upon it. It compliments any other type of holdout you may be presently using (Raven, Black Widow, Fitch-Kohler, etc.), and there are infinite possibilities open to those who learn to incorporate the TH with other types of holdouts, pulls, topits, sleeving, sleight-of-hand, etc. Oh, and don’t be surprised if your audience doesn’t respond to your miraculous demonstrations with thundering applause–after witnessing the "impossible", they’ll probably be comatose!

    I realize I haven’t said anything more than the others have said, but the TH has got me creatively salivating, and that kind of excitement deserves a good word–even if it is repeticious! The TH isn’t rocket science, it’s simply simplicity at its finest!!!! This is what magic is all about!

  8. 5 out of 5


    Holy Smokes!

    Just received the Trabucco Holdout in the mail yesterday (Oh, by the way…you guys at Elmwood rock as far as getting the order to me with blistering speed!), and I like many upon opening the box said "I paid $125.00 for this?". I mean looking at what you get in the box is very disappointing upon first glance. However, once I put in the DVD and watched the miracles being performed with the Trabucco Holdout (slowly and naturally), I was totally blown away and started laughing out loud to myself! It is devious! I have a big corporate walk-around gig tomorrow night (Halloween) and have already installed the "gaff" in my sports coat, and plan on devastating some minds tomorrow night with my favorite effect off the DVD (nail bending). All day long today I have been thinking about all the possibilities with this utility device. It is awesome! I have not been this excited about a magic trick (prop) in a long time. If you don’t own one yet, don’t wait a single second longer, order one today! It is the best $125.00 I ever spent on magic…period!

  9. 5 out of 5


    Stealth magic, it’s like having a 3rd hand

    Having been in magic for over 50 years, the concept of this utility device is not new; however, the design and construction of this accessory allow the performer to discretely to vanish, reproduce and switch out objects with just a touch. If used with limited descretion, i.e. not repeatedly, it can bring ones craft to another level. It is apparent creative thought and testing has gone into its design which helps me, a performer, to short-cut any trial and breakin periods. I own the Fitch/Kohler holdout, and this accessory can be used independently and in supplement to it. It is a thoughtful, versitile investment in the art of magic.

  10. 5 out of 5


    Leave Them Speechless

    I have to admit, when I opened the box I was a bit puzzled. I put in the dvd and started to view it. 1/3 into watching the dvd I had a grin on my face from ear to ear. I was amazed at how clever this hold out was designed. Nothing flashy hear guys, just a pure down to earth, no non-sense workers utility. The dvd’s quality is top notch, and the teaching is very detailed. With-in the first 20 minutes of practicing the natural movements explained in the dvd I was off to put this to work. I made a slight adjustment to the installation instructions, and decided to go sleevless. It is not taught on the dvd, but very easy to figure out. My first victims were fellow magicians, that had no idea were I was vanishing the coins to, and for that matter, retrieving the coins from. They still have not figured it out. This device is a diamond in the rough. If you want to leave them speechless, get yourself a Trabucco Hold out right away.

  11. 5 out of 5


    TH WOW!!

    The Trabucco Holdout is quite simply the best magic device that I have ever used! If you can grasp basic timing technique,this item is really super easy to use and extremely baffling to the onlookers!

  12. 5 out of 5


    Level Up

    I cannot say anymore than has already been said about the Trabucco Holdout, though I still felt obligated to contribute a review to this outstanding item. This utility item will release an entire new world of possibilities to the performer, and truly is only limited by your imagination. The items including for use of the provided routines are all outstanding in quality. Everything appears totally clean and truly impossible at every phase of every routine. If you work for real audiences, be it close up or not, this item will provide you with more creative possibilities than any other similar product on the market.

  13. 5 out of 5


    Highly Reccomended Professional Device!

    I have been a professional magician for 13 years and let me say that the TH may be the best thing since sliced bread. It allows the "moves" of the magician to be all the more smooth and natural. I love it! I’m also glad that Elmwood has the exclusive on it. I hope it stays that way.

  14. 5 out of 5


    An excellent piece of equipment!

    While I feel the name of this product is somewhat misleading, it is an excellent piece of equipment, which will add an additional dimension to any performers arsenal.

    Not a "holdout" in the classic "Miller" sense, but, if you ignore that simple fact, and focus on the product, you’ll find that it does everything as advertised, and is devastating easy to use.

    The problem I always had with the Miller holdout, was that it was so awkward to use. The Trabucco is just the opposite. The normal position of your arms and body completely hides the action. Since you’re moving naturally, the misdirection is completely disarming.

    I know that I’ll use this item, and I know that it will slay the magicians that see it, if they don’t already have one, they’ll never know what hit them!

  15. 4 out of 5


    Glad I got it!

    I have been looking for a holdout that I could afford and would work well for me, this is it. I know there are much better out there you can buy, that is if you have a few thousand dollars. This product is easy to use and easy to install and the price is not bad at all. It can make your magic better, i am glad i got it , especailly after checking the prices of other holdouts.

  16. 5 out of 5


    Good value for your purchase dollar…

    I have had the Trabucco Holdout for about three weeks at this time. I am using it primarily as a switching device, rather than for productions / vanishes, although the TH would also be a very useful utility for those of you who require it for that use. Because my focus is mentalism, those are not important attributes for me.

    The gimmick is very easy to understand and use. The practice time to become comfortable with it should be minimal if you are used to any kind of manipulation work. Most of you who balls and coins work will already have accomplished ways to use this tool.

    Given the price of most utilities in magic, I think that you get good value for your purchase dollar.

  17. 5 out of 5


    Duhhhh! Now Why Didn’t I Think of THAT?

    This is a terrific utility device. You will probably kick yourself when you see this and wonder why (as I did) "Now why didn’t I think of this?" Seriously, I’m surprised this sort of thing hasn’t been around for decades. Perhaps it has and just remained buried underground.

    Much more than a single routine or effect the Trabucco Holdout is something which can and will spark your imagination. You can dream up your own effects with something like this. And while it is a HOLDOUT (in the strictest sense of the word) it’s very different from what people have come to think of as "Holdout". Probably due to the recent popularization of the gravity holdout by Fitch/Kohler/Romero/etc. Its unfair to compare the gravity holdout with the Trabucco. In fact they could probably complement each other quite nicely. Having both would be a serious tool in your utilities arsenal.

  18. 5 out of 5


    This is truly a "10 Star"!

    This ingenious holdout will take magic to a higher level. Clear instructions and easy initial set up. Great effects suggested. Only thing left is your imagination. Just move naturally and unbelievable magic occurs!

  19. 5 out of 5


    Just Love It!

    It’s just fun to play with this one. It gives you so much possibilities. But for me, the best thing is, that you can combine this product with the "perfect Holdout" from Antonio Romero, in this way you have a great weapon in your hands. Absolute top class !

  20. 5 out of 5


    GET IT!

    I can only agree 100% with the other reviews….GET IT! But please be creative! I would hate to see this worked to death and exposed! Please Practice…Practice…Practice…and Be Natural!

  21. 5 out of 5


    You would be crazy not to invest in this…

    After seeing the work that was put into this item and the possibilities it has, you would be crazy not to invest in this. It puts your magic at another level once you’ve played around and mastered this holdout. If ever there was a utility that could be used to make your magic look like real magic ……this would be it!

    For myself combining this holdout with the sleeving that I do, leaves me with an arsenal that is hard to beat. I would give this item my highest recommendation!

  22. 5 out of 5


    I Feel Naked Without It!

    I remember the first time I saw Victor use his holdout. I was astonished at how clean every effect appeared. A coin seemed to simply appear and vanish at his fingertips…and at each stage his hands were clean as could be. I have been using mine from that first day and now I feel "naked" without it!

    This is not a toy for the merely curious; it is a workhorse tool for real magicians. If you hope to open the box and see some complicated piece of technological wizardry..look elsewhere! This is a simple, practical, and efficient tool that allows you to create effects that look astonishing….period.

    I have nothing but great things to say about the TRABUCCO HOLDOUT and judging from the quotes from Bill Malone, Paul Gertner, Tom Gagnon, Paul Cummins, Mike Powers, and Herb Zarrow…I’m in very good company!

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